Friday, February 17, 2017

Stress Nesting

My husband actually asked me the other day: Are you pregnant?

Um, no. Most definitely not! But I could see why he asked. I've been irritable. Feeling sick. Major headaches. And the nesting. So much nesting.

Exhibit A: All the Cookies

I had been planning to bake the lemon poppyseed cookies and had the butter thawing out on the counter for a few days but then while I was in the mood, I figure I'd bang out some chocolate chip cookies, too. And I have that bag of undercooked toffee I stashed in the freezer, might as well make chocolate-toffee cookies, right? So I did.

First of all, who gets in the mood for baking? Not this girl. I still have my holiday baking hangover. I struggle with recipes and end up making a huge mess that I don't want to have to clean up and my kitchen does not come with prep cooks to clean up after me (mine were at school). But I did it anyway.

This is not my normal behavior.

Exhibit B: The green blanket

I may have told myself that I should buy that Caron Cakes yarn because I love green. And they're on sale, so I buy two. And then I find this pattern I want to try so one night before I grab a glass of wine, I grab the yarn and things and try out the pattern, which looks a little challenging.

And then before I know it, I'm through that first ball of yarn and on to the second and thinking about how I need to hurry up and get this done since it's the Pantone color of the year and how there's just simply not enough green in the house and it might be time to start looking for Jadeite dishwear and such to represent how much I love green and then it's an hour past bedtime and I never did get around to pouring the wine. THAT.

This is not my normal behavior.

Exhibit C: The Other Blanket

And then my husband might say that hey, he's the only one in the house I haven't made a blanket for but he'd sure like one but not like the other ones that I made because those granny squares are too holey and what is a blanket for if it doesn't keep you warm (and to be honest, that other blanket I'm whipping up now is mine, all mine!).

So then he asks me for a Green Bay-themed blanket so I found the yarn and a pattern that would work. And since right now I don't have enough yarn to continue that other green blanket right now (sob!) and I love a challenge, I decide to try to bang out one of the squares for the blanket for my dear husband and then realize that the damn thing is like twice as big as I thought it would be (seriously, like a foot square) but I keep going—hand cramp be damned!—because that's the great thing about crocheting squares—there's a built in stopping point (even if the damn thing is a foot square in size).

And the fun thing about this one is that it's not all the same colors or one big ball of yarn that never stops, it's two different colors and squares. And I got a little excited about that.

This is not my normal behavior.

Exhibit D: Soup

It all came to a head this morning. My breakfast was languishing on the table while I addressed my compulsion for tomato soup and decided to whip up a quick batch that I frankly don't plan to have for dinner. I just really wanted to make some soup. Before breakfast. Like ya do.

Becuase no, I'm not pregnant, but this is how I stress. If I had to guess, I would say "acts of service" is my love language because I've been putting all my energy into doing things to take care of myself and my family to keep stress at bay.

Does it work? Not really. But I guess it's a healthy way to spend my time, so I'm okay with it. I'm productive; I'm not overly concerned with the why right now.

The soup will go in the freezer for a later day. The blankets will continue to be worked on here and there, alternating progress on one or the other based on which one looks more interesting. The stress, I'm fairly sure, will continue to ebb and flow as it does. But I'm prepared for it. I've got another recipe to try and a few more balls of yarn in the bin.

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  1. Damn, woman. I'm calling you Suzy Homemaker from now on.

    If you need help getting rid of those cookies, you know where to find me.