Thursday, February 16, 2017

Taking Back Thursday and Other Things

Confession: Thursdays are not my favorite.

It's the fourth day in a series of waking up way too early and not going to bed early enough, the fourth day of a week that's starting with peanut butter on toast because it's easy but I know I shouldn't start my day with toast because for me, it's a processed carb domino. Thursday is the day my son sleeps through his alarm, the day when my daughter's attitude is in it's most heightened form, the day when I want to be whisked away to what must be my real real life, more akin to a Real Housewives montage of shopping and sleeping in and primping.

But that is only Real on TV.

My real is less shiny (unless you count my just-woke-up oily hair). And I'm sure my Thursday ambivalence has a lot to do with that lack of sleep along with the working from home and not seeing other people on a regular basis. I start my week on Monday with a fresh page in my planner and pens and Washi tape and start setting up tasks and knocking them out like a Monday morning dynamo.

Have you read that New Yorker piece about the guy who called 911 because he worked from home? It was humor but also so close to reality in some ways. Working from home can be a tough gig, especially when you hold a deep-seated belief that becoming a hermit is a valid life choice.

My new Thursday breakfast of No Bullshit.
Another problem with working from home is the no work-life separation. If I work at the kitchen counter with my laptop (which is my current favorite workspace), by dinnertime I'm not thrilled to still be in the kitchen.

Monday's to do list may be marked with doodles and pretty tape but Thursday's tasks are scratched in with a dried-out marker and hap-hazard sticky notes because I can't be bothered.

And by Thursday, my office is the place where I have put all the things to get them out of sight and out of mind when the visual clutter is overwhelming. So now my beautiful, calm office space is so filled with visual clutter it's overwhelming and it's devolved into being the place where I charge my laptop at night, where the Washi tape is stashed, and where houseplants go to die. 

So, I'm going to take back my Thursday and enjoy it for the pre-Friday that it is.
I'm going to take back my breakfast.
I'm going to take back my to-do list.
I'm going to take back my office.

Maybe Thursday isn't the problem. Arguably, it's Tuesday and Wednesday that are not performing as they should and it's all coming to a head on Thursday if everything is fine on Monday and gone to Hell in a handbasket by Thursday. Whatever. I don't know.
But what I do know is that Thursday is now going to be the day when I conquer nonsense in all its infinite forms. No bullshit.


  1. I thought maybe certain days of the week for kids sleeping in or having specific attitudes was something was just in my world. So, not. I get the Monday washi tape thing and all the cross-outs by Thursday. Good luck to you on no BS. That's a winning breakfast, I say. (But yes, peanut butter on toast is really, really good).

    1. I think I ate a PB&J every day when I was pregnant with my daughter. It's such a perfect food! Isn't it good to know we aren't alone in our family insanity sometimes?

  2. I love this. All week I've felt like every single day was a bad day, and I kind of realized my approach to the day was the problem. But Thursdays are always the toughest days for me since I have a night class on that day, and I'm too warn out to be the hard ass I need to be for those kids that don't want to be there. I need to take back my Thursdays, and the rest of my week, to be honest. Thank you for showing me that was an option.

    1. Seriously, Dude--attitude is everything. Attacking the day with aggressive happiness makes a difference when one usually just attacks the day aggressively (and I'm totally talking about myself).