Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday Morning Coming Down

It's been two weeks since my schedule changed and so far, so good. It's been an adjustment but one that everyone in the house has been able to make. Well, most of us.

I think Trixie maybe isn't a fan.

Before, our weekday morning routine was very routine: everyone left for their daily duties and Trixie & I would set up on the couch with our favorite fuzzy Packers blanket and coffee for me while we watched the morning news together.

Safe to say, judging by Trixie's desire to snuggle up real close this morning, she's missed our routine.

I mean, I have, too. I miss the snuggles on the couch, the quiet house, but the trade off is worth it. And Sunday snuggles are still a thing because the kids were still sleeping and the hubs was out early and it was just me and my ride or die and no question about how we were going to spend some quality time this morning.

And she, who usually likes to claim her own private couch corner, draped herself on my leg and snuggled closer and closer as we watched the foggy sky grow steadily brighter and listened to the birds singing as though they were calling the sun to rise.

Springtime Sundays are my favorite. I love to go out in a morning that's misty and cool like today, seeing what's changed overnight. This morning I bid adieu to a visitor who woke us up in the middle of the night jumping on Tony's foot and scaring the crap out of him. He spent the night in a jar and was set free this morning when the little one woke up, so she could say hello. We brought him outside, named him Percy and encouraged him to hop away.

Do you know how hard it is to get a proper picture of a frog jumping? It's really hard. You'll have to trust me that he hopped.

Not far away was a web lying on the ground. I warned the little one away from it with the explanation that where there lay a web, nearby there lay a spider, but I'm not so sure.

It looked like a blanket for a fairy picnic and a quick walk to get the morning newspaper led me to more of these little webs on the ground. A walk in the back yard and I found more, this time suspended in the air like I don't know what.

For what it's worth, I don't know what those little white flowery bushes are either. I don't recall seeing these last year but they couldn't have come out of nowhere. It helps brighten up the woods with these slow to green trees I'm surrounded by.

The webs I'm starting to think are an early start to the webworms that usually don't descend until later in the season. Each season in these wild woods is proving to be an adventure.

These little plants, however, I'm almost 100 percent sure I know they're blackberries and I hope we get a bounty this year. I didn't see them last year, they were hidden by an enormous Pokeweed that I should probably remove but the foliage is gorgeous so I'm inclined to leave it be.

I sure hope it's blackberries and not poison ivy. I mean, "leaves of three" and some berries on it... I'm just enough of a city kid to make a mistake like that.

I do know that the berries are prevalent out here and my neighbors have cultivated their own berry patches, but I also know that poison ivy is even more prevalent. Fingers are crossed, calamine lotion is at the ready.

Across the yard is the great garden experiment of 2017. My husband installed two raised beds, approximately 4' x 8' at my behest so that we could get a garden rolling.

Did I mention that I don't know blackberry bushes from poison ivy?

I have cautious optimism that we can make this work. We're discussing plants right now for our primarily sun-drenched garden beds and there are a few must haves—tomatoes, peppers, green onions, basil, cilantro. A few other maybes still in discussion. I'm hoping to find my way to a green thumb though there will probably be a lot of big bumps along the way.

I've got a few local experts in my back pocket (I'm looking at you, Rachel, Marie and Dee) and I hope with their guidance, they can help me to at least not fail completely.

Life is changing, as life does. The first three months of this year felt like an extension of 2016, the fifth quarter of what was a tough year of hard lessons. Now, April is here and I'm leaving that fifth quarter behind. I feel like I've got my feet firmly planted on the ground again, like I can stop looking down to make sure I don't slip, like I can look up and look forward with confidence. More changes are coming, to be sure, but I'm ready for them. I'm ready to dig into the dirt of 2017 (while dodging those pesky webs and all that poison ivy), and I'm determined to embrace all the changes it promises, my ride or die by my side.


  1. I can tell you for certain that the picture you have of "maybe blackberries, maybe poison ivy" is NOT poison ivy. Poison ivy leaves are not serrated like those ones are, and poison ivy has SMOOTH stems with a reddish hue to them. I don't know for certain that those are blackberries, but I'm fairly confident saying that they are some kind of berry. :)

  2. Spring has sprung
    Bring on the fun!

    Glad to hear you are settling into the new routine. You captured the perfect Sunday morning over easy.